Dilmer fans, prepare to freak out because Demi Lovato admitted that she's "down to get married"! The singer opened up about future wedding plans and her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. And even though she's totally focused on the release "Cool for the Summer," it sounds like they're definitely going down the marriage path.

“Honestly, I am totally down to get married, get engaged, whenever the time comes. But for right now, in this moment, I’m just so excited about my music that all I can think about today, other than Wilmer and Iggy’s butt, is 'Cool For The Summer!'” she said on Shoboy In the Morning.


Even though she may not be walking down the aisle any time soon, she can't stop talking about how much she loves her guy. Their long distance romance takes work, but she says that she feels secure in their relationship even when they're apart.

“He’s my happiness, my whole world, so when I’m with him, I’m extremely happy and I’m able to record music and go on tour without worries and he just completes me," she gushed.

Sounds like they really are meant to be. He even stayed up with her during her "Cool for the Summer" music video shoot when he had to wake up early the next day. Adorable!

Do you think Demi and Wilmer are going to get married soon? Let us know in the comments!

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