Camp Rock 3 might just be in the works. Just last week, Joe Jonas started speculation on whether a new movie was coming for the Disney Channel franchise and now Demi Lovato is backing up his claims.

ET caught up with Demi at the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards and, not only did she spill just how happy she is with her new love Guilherme Vasconcelos, but she also gave fans of the series the answer they have been searching for. The reporter asked her what was in the works for her in the future and asked her about what Joe said about a possible R-rated version of the movie.

“My idea, yes!” she said. “Yes, and we’re totally gonna do it, for real.”

The reporter asked her what the plot for the movie might be, since it is clear that they might be just a little too old for camp. Demi said: “It’d be like American Pie meets Disney Channel…It’s going to happen.”

American Pie is known to be a super scandalous comedy, so it would be interesting to see the group reunite in front of the camera for something like this. The “Confident” singer said that this is something they have all seriously talked about and are totally up for it.

“Yes, we really discussed this. It’s going to happen. R-rated Camp Rock.”

Just last week Joe spoke about the possibility of a Camp Rock 3 movie and he basically confirmed they would be down for another one.

“If it made sense, sure. For all of us — Demi, Nick, it would be funny to do a spin on it. Do the graduating days, make it kinda dark… We’ve joked around about the idea a couple times,” Joe said.

Fans adored Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, but we doubt this would be a Disney Channel Original Movie. Seeing the Jonas Brothers and Demi reunite on the big screen is definitely something we would like to see.

Check out Demi’s full interview below.


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