After getting #WeLoveMommyLovato to trend worldwide on Twitter on Mother's Day, Demi Lovato announced that her mom now has a tattoo to match the ones on Demi's wrists. "My mom's #staystrong tattoo!!!" Demi Tweeted. "She got one too!!!!!"

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Demi tattooed the words "Stay Strong" on her wrists after seeking help in treatment for eating disorders and self-injury, and her mom also wanted to show her support for Demi's positive choices on the road to recovery.

"My mom surprised me with it when I was in treatment," Demi Tweeted. "And she wanted to show me how proud she was of me for getting help and changing my life… I love her so much."

Demi also Tweeted a pic (above) with her mom and older sister Dallas celebrating Mother's Day together with the caption, "So blessed to be with my mom on this Mother's Day."

Are you surprised Demi's mom got a tattoo? Would you and your mom ever get matching tattoos?

Photo: Courtesy of Demi Lovato's Twitter

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