Demi Lovato just celebrated her 25th birthday on Sunday at Dave & Buster's in New York City with about 50 of her closest friends – including her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Wait, what? Yup, Dilmer reunited and it felt so good! Usually, once a celebrity couple calls it quits, they wouldn't dare be seen in the same photograph together let alone celebrating each other's birthdays. But, Demi and Wilmer clearly play by their own rules and we're absolutely living for it. Demi posted a picture on her Instagram story of several friends, including Wilmer, at the party goofing around in the photo booth.

The former lovebirds stood next to each other for the photo op and it's so freaking cute. Not only did they prove that #RELATIONSHIPGOALS are a very real thing but the former couple isn't afraid to let anyone who asks know they still talk to each other. They are completely pushing the boundaries of what is "normal" to do after a break-up.

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While fans of the couple are going completely nuts over it, Wilmer's presence at the party isn't totally shocking. He's been caught hanging with Joe Jonas since splitting with Demi and she has admitted that they still keep in touch. No one was quite sure HOW much they have stayed in each other's lives, but clearly, it's more than we know. Wilmer was with Demi during some of the roughest times in her life and that definitely created a strong bond. Obviously, even a break-up couldn't break that!

A source told E! News, "The entire place was rented out for her special night…Wilmer was there to support Demi, and they were very friendly with each other…Wilmer and Demi are very amicable and now act like best friends. They didn't act overly affectionate but were having fun taking photos in the photo booth and playing the arcade games together."

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Aw! This is super cute. Demi posted a photo of herself looking like an absolute queen on Instagram. She simply captioned the shot, "25."

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The source continued, "[She] looked beautiful and was glowing. She was in a casual outfit, wearing jeans and a bomber jacket. It was not a wild party, but she was having a lot of fun playing the games and dancing with her friends. Demi was in a great mood and said that this was one of her favorite birthdays. There were silver custom balloons that said 'Happy Birthday Demi' and a small cake was brought out for her while everyone sang 'Happy Birthday.'"

It seems like Demi did exactly what she wanted while celebrating her quarter century birthday. Friends, family, ex-boyfriends, and cake – what a perfect combo! And to all the haters who were totally confused why Wilmer showed face at the party, sorry not sorry, but it looks like these two will always have a love for each other.

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