It’s no secret that we’re all obsessed with Disney's Descendants here at J-14, in a v real plaster-pictures-all-over-our-bedroom/Tumblr/and literal website kind of way. The lead up to Descendants 2 has been countdown-worthy, and now that the time’s up, we’re just looking for ways to keep the VK kids in our hearts and social media accounts all year round. Of course, the ideal way to do that is by getting to work on Descendants 3 (hint, hint) but since that may be a long way away, we instead decided to make up aesthetic boards of the original Villain squad.

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Why? Well, why not? They definitely have all the decidedly basic inhabitants of the USA beat in terms of style.

Like, we already know Dove Cameron is a platinum-and-pastel-pink Pinterest queen. But let’s just acknowledge that Mal has a reputation at Auradon Prep for being serious #hairspiration goals, not to mention the first person you want to call if you’re trying to get a major makeover (just don’t don’t get on her bad side later). And you don’t need a magic mirror to know that Evie is both a fashion plate and totally the fairest of them all. Uh, not to say Sofia Carson doesn’t have a healthy glow about her or anything, we’re just noting that she’s way hot.

AND THE BOYS, WE LOVE THEM TOO. Like, to the point where we may or may not have conjured up a few Booboo Stewart and Cameron Boyce love triangle imagines. It’s fine, we don’t have to get into it.

So because we know you’re as obsessed with Disney’s Descendants as we are, feel free to absorb these aesthetic boards of the OG VKs back when the were bbs in the first film. Disney kids…they grow up so fast!


mal aesthetic

Insecure, holding onto her spark of evil, powerful and fearfully in love…Mal is still struggling with being perfect in the second film, but what’s really important is that she hangs onto that magenta hair.


evie aesthetic

Evie’s obsession with looks is definitely a family trait, but the blue beauty isn’t as rotten to the core as she thinks.


carlos aesthetic

Carlos definitely had one of most vicious parents of all time (PUPPY MURDER IS SO EVIL, GUYS) and yet he’s somehow the sweetest of the bunch. And come on, his partnership with Dude is presh.


jay aesthetic

Smooth as hell and stealthy to boot, Jay is a dangerous smoke show when he first enrolls in Auradon Prep. But he’s channeled his energy into becoming a lovable jock, ditching that “no team in I” mentality.

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