So the conflict is this: you're looking up Descendants Halloween costumes, and you're not quite sure if you can pull off the official Disney look without breaking into your college fund or just looking way too extra. Like, you're still willing to throw down a bit of money to buy a boss Mal wig (plus going ultra violet with hair dye is a little too commital) but you'd rather just DIY a casual VK costume.

Welp, don't worry! With the help of a few villianous hairpieces and a little creativity, we've figured out how you can channel your favorite Descendants 2 babe using IRL outfits.

Mal Descendants 2 Costume

mal descendants 2 costumes

What's really important is that you nail Mal's new hairstyle (courtesy of Drizzy) so ditch last year's curly coif and pick up a purple wig with blunt bangs. Get yourself some purple leggings (metallic isn't necessary, but we're just into it) and a purple vest like the one Mal wore during her confrontation on Uma's ship. Then embellish with green fabric paint and gold spikes. There you go: totally wicked.

Evie Descendants 2 Costume

evie descendants 2 costume

The funny thing about doing an Evie costume is that it actually just requires a lot of basics, but like the VK fashionista, you have to have a flair for design. If you have a white t-shirt and blue-gray pair of jeans, you're already well on your way. Pick up some fabric pens in red and yellow! You just need to draw a bunch of semi-circles to mimic the pattern on her pants, and the shirt just requires a red heart with a yellow crown on top. You can use blue fabric paint on the top and bottom if you're feeling ambitious.

Finding a blue pea coat of some sort would be super ideal (especially if it's cold out), but not necessary. As long as you have a blue wig to mimic Evie's sapphire hair, you'll turn out the fairest of them all.

Uma Descendants 2 Costume

uma descendants 2 costume

No tentacles required, but you do have to make a few compromises after you pick up the braid-heavy Uma wig. Get yourself an ideally sheer purple shirt and put a turquoise dress over it. Uma's skull emblem is v important here, so we recommend printing that out to place over your chest. Fingerless gloves are a nice touch (feel free to just cut up an old ratty pair) and don't forget the pirate hat!


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