DeVore Ledridge might play the role of Amelia Duckworth on the Disney Channel hit show, Bizaardvark, but her time on set and with the rest of the cast has given her the confidence to last a lifetime. DeVore chatted exclusively with J-14 about how Jake Paul was the one who helped her brush off the haters when she was getting bullied. Not only that but DeVore revealed what it’s really been like since Jake parted ways with the show and the whole thing is much more upsetting than we thought.

In case you’ve had your head stuck in the sand for the past several weeks, Jake and Disney Channel mutually parted ways. While it seems odd that Jake would decide to bail on the show during the middle of season 2, he claims that there is no bad blood between him and the network. DeVore basically attested to that same stance when she admitted how out of place it felt on set not having him around anymore.

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“Let’s just say I went in his room, in his old dressing room the other day, and I couldn’t stay in there without crying. Jake was basically like my big brother and he just kind of gave me advice, like relationship advice and just life advice in general,” Devore exclusively said to J-14. “Anytime I was getting bullied or hate, he would always be there and be like ‘Hey, these people…they’re not even saying they know who you are, they’re just saying this because they’re jealous of you.’ He just kind of made, when I was upset, made me feel good. I miss that.” Aww!

She continued, “I’m really proud of him with everything that he’s doing, he’s blowing up and I think that he’s really smart, for someone who didn’t even go to college. But I think we’re just like, we all miss him and it feels very out of place on set is the word I like to use because it does feel out of place every day and we can definitely tell. But, we’re all really proud of him, me especially.”

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While Jake usually gets painted as a wild child on the Internet, DeVore has a very different perception. Of course, we had always wanted to believe Jake was a good guy deep down. She always knew that she could go to him when times got really tough in her personal life.

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“He’s told me the more you listen to the hate, the more you let it bring you down and in the end you kind of just lose track of where you’re going. The more you ignore them and the more you use that hate for motivation, like he always said ‘haters are my motivators’, and that’s such a classic saying but it’s true,” Devore said. “I got bullied a lot in school and when booking the show it kind of got even worse and I would go to set every day and I’d be like crying and he was like, ‘You can’t let these people bother you because you’re giving them what they want, they’re bringing you down, they’re taking this opportunity and they’re not making it fun for you anymore.’

It seems like Jake really knows what he’s talking about and DeVore absolutely loved this sensitive, kind and caring side about him. She said he will always be family to the Bizaardvark cast. She went on to explain that while there hasn’t been much discussion about Jake’s departure, the fact that he’s not on set anymore won’t take away from the bonds the cast has all built with each other.

“We haven’t really talked about it much just because everything feels out of place on set now. It’s just kind of like a family member picked up and moved from us and I think that everything happens for a reason and everything happens for the greater good but we haven’t really discussed. I know we’ve talked about it and made sure that we’re all okay and we’re all good but we’re all on the same page and continue to support each other and continue to support Jake. Even though he’s not on the show anymore, he’s still part of our family and you stick with family,” Devore said.

It seems like Jake made a greater impact on the show and the people working with him than we could have ever even imagined!

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