Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne have been having a romance that even the most anti-relationship person would be jealous of, but now a shady source is saying that the couple has actually split up. Say what? A source told HollywoodLife that they had actually gone their separate ways and that she even moved out.

"They had a fiery relationship that was very physical. It was bumpy towards the end, but she finally grabbed her things and moved back to her own house that she bought earlier this year."

"Bella is having a harder time with the breakup than Tyler as she really misses him but things simply were not working out," the source said.

But not so fast. Just yesterday, the actress tweeted at her boyfriend about the season premiere of his show Teen Wolf. It is hard to say take those allegations seriously since it is unlikely that someone who is hurting like the source said she was, would go out of their way to tweet about and promote her ex's show.

bella tyler

Their relationship went from 0 to 100 real quick, just weeks after she broke up with Gregg Sulkin but they have looked happy ever since. We are hoping this is all just a rumor or completely fabricated by the online news site.

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