Even though Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith have never confirmed that they're anything more than good friends, rumors about their relationship have been circulating for a long time — and it looked like they were getting serious. However, Kylie recently posted a sad selfie that hints they got into a major fight!

She posted a teary picture on Instagram with the caption, "but when we're good.. we're really good," seemingly alluding to a relationship that is going through a rough patch.


As if that wasn't shocking enough, a few hours later, Jaden boldly proclaimed that he loves Kylie!

While we think it's sweet that Jaden is being so public with his love for Kylie, we definitely want to know why she was so sad. Maybe they had a major fight, and Jaden wanted to do something romantic to make up for it? All we know is, their relationship just got a lot more complicated!

Do you think Jaden and Kylie broke up, or were they just going through a rough patch?

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