It looks like Joe Jonas might be following in Taylor Swift's footsteps!

Joe and his ex girlfriend Gigi Hadid were together for awhile and their love seemed super real. He was spotted out and about with the model's family and friends on numerous occasions.

When they broke up, shippers were completely heartbroken – and they weren't the only ones! The Jonas Brothers' alum has said many times since the split that he took the break up really hard. Now, he's confessing that he has written songs that will make a certain person really mad and fans believe it's about Gigi!

Joe chatted with The Sun and said, "I have written a song that is going to p-ss someone off. They'll know it's them but, in a way, it's a compliment that you affected me that much. Even if the content isn't positive, at least I cared."

gigi break up song

Yiiikes. It seems like Joe is saying that he cared about this person so much he needed to write a song about them to get all of his emotions out. Unfortunately, fans won't be able to hear them on DNCE's new album.

He continued, "Those songs in particular didn't make the album. You might hear them eventually, songs leak all the time, but I think the place I was in my life when I wrote them, I'm not there anymore, so it wouldn't make sense to release them."

Wow! All of the clues about upsetting someone, how much this person affected him, how much he cared and not being at this place in his life anymore point to the idea that Gigi is at the center of Joe's possible break up songs! To be honest, we would LOVE to hear them.

Do you think this is what Joe is talking about? Let us know in the comments below!

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