Louis Tomlinson is really showing his support for Harry Styles and Directioners are freaking out over it!

Ever since One Direction went on their hiatus, some people have speculated that the boys have sort of lost touch – you know because they all have different things going on in different parts of the world, not because of bad blood. But, those rumors were squashed when a photo surfaced of someone who looked like Louis on set of Harry's new movie Dunkirk.

The photo isn't high quality but we can kind of see how fans think it's Louis. If it really is then the world is surely about to explode!

This is the photo in question which came from a 1D fan account on Twitter. What do you think? Is that Louis? And if it is, do you think Harry invited him or did he just show up on his own? So. many. questions. YOU GUYS!

louis supports harry

We're kind of hoping and thinking it's Louis just because that would mean that their friendship is still alive. Then again, it could be some random guy who we're all trying to believe is Louis. But hey, a girl can dream right?

What do you think of the pic? Let us know in the comments below!

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