Perrie Edwards and Luke Pasqualino were never officially an item – but now sources are claiming to know the reason they broke up.

If that sounds confusing to you, it's probably because it is. Rumors have been swirling in the media lately that Perrie and Luke were getting close to the point where they were dating! If that was true, it would be such amazing news.

But, since they were never officially official in the public there's no telling what went down. However, now sources are telling The Heat that Perrie and Luke quietly broke up and it all had to do with Zayn Malik! Hmm….

The source said, "Everyone's worried that Perrie may never get over the heartbreak that Zayn caused her. Perrie's very honest, so if someone asks her about it, she'll tell them how Zayn broke her heart, how he was he first love … to be honest, it could all get a bit much for Luke, especially in the past few weeks, when every single day there was a new story in the papers about Perrie and Zayn."

Okay, fans probably shouldn't believe this. Why? First of all, even though there were stories about Perrie and Zayn recently they were all due to the fact that Little Mix's new single, "Shoutout to My Ex" was probably about him. If Luke couldn't handle that heat, then he definitely couldn't handle dating a major pop star like Perrie!

perrie gif

Second of all, it's been a very long time since Perrie and Zayn called it quits and to say she may never get over it is a bit harsh and dramatic.

We're going to chalk this story up to a RUMOR. As for Perrie and Luke, we're going to keep an eye on those two – who knows what is in store for their friendship, relationship or whatever they have going on…if anything at all!

What do you think of this source's comments? Let us know below!

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