Although we thought that Selena Gomez was perfectly fine with her boyfriend Justin Bieber spending time with Kendall Jenner, maybe she wasn't so happy with it. The "Come and Get It" singer just unfollowed her guy on Instagram, and posted cryptic tweets about feeling alone and dejected. It looks like their on-again, off-again relationship might be back off!

She tweeted that she has "to learn the hard way," which she later deleted.

selena gomez tweet

The actress also discussed her issues of self-doubt, and feeling like she's not good enough.

selena gomez tweet

While we'd like to believe she's not talking about her boyfriend, we're a little suspicious!

It seemed like their relationship was different this time — they looked so in love with each other. But we can't think of another reason why she would unfollow her boyfriend on Instagram.

Plus, Selena headed back home to Los Angeles, even though Justin was still in Paris. We hope she didn't end her vacation early because things are going badly between them!

Do you think Jelena is over? Why do you think Selena unfollowed him? Let us know in the comments!

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