Selena Gomez hasn't officially addressed the rumors that she's dating Zedd, but the DJ's latest Instagram pic makes it pretty clear that there is something going on between them. He posted a screen shot from their latest FaceTime session, showing that they're keeping in touch even while she's in Atlanta shooting her new movie.


He also included a quote ("Oh hi derrling…") from a movie they find hilarious, The Room.

zedd selena gomez instagram

In fact, they were even caught bonding over their love of the film. He posted a pic of his rumored girlfriend smooching an action figure of the main character.

selena geomz zedd the room

She reportedly thinks he's a better boyfriend than Justin Bieber because he makes her laugh — and that definitely seems to be true. She seems to be having so much fun talking to him! We haven't seen her this happy in a while.

While perhaps they're just flaunting their love of this movie, it looks like they have a relationship that's more than platonic. She said that she misses him even though they've only been apart for a day or two! It's so sweet that she's keeping in touch with him when they can't be together.

Do you think Selena and Zedd are dating or just really great friends? Are they the cutest couple ever? Tell us in the comments!

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