Apparently Justin Bieber's mom isn't the only person who dislikes Kendall Jenner and thinks she's a "home wrecker!" According to In Touch Weekly, Selena Gomez ended things with Justin after his very public dinner with the model.

"Selena was absolutely livid when she found out Justin had dinner with Kendall. He lied to her about it," their source said. "She was so angry that she changed her flight to come back to LA two days early and told him their relationship was over – again."

It supposedly wasn't the first time he had met up with Kendall while he was still dating Selena.

"It turns out Justin has been texting Kendall the whole time and Paris wasn't the first time they secretly had dinner together," the source spilled.

While Justin only considers Kendall his friend, Us Weekly says that "Selena doesn’t trust her motives."

"[Justin and Selena] had a screaming match over it. She feels completely humiliated," InTouch's source added.

Yikes! It seems like things are way worse between Justin and Selena than we thought (which would explain why the "Come and Get It" singer wants to move to NYC and meet a new guy).

Are you shocked that Justin continues to stay in contact with Kendall even though Selena supposedly hates it? Let us know in the comments below.

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