Okay, so this is kind of biased.

Over the years, Disney Channel shows and original movies have given us some mega hotties. These heartthrobs have been the love interests to some of the channel's iconic stars. Fangirls everywhere, yes including us, have wished it was them on set kissing these guys. So, who really is the hottest Disney Channel love interest out there?

We've ranked 15 of the greatest loves over the years and given you some of the reasons why they are total freaking BABES. It's these characters that make you go back and watch the series, the movies and the episodes over and over again.

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So let's just fantasize over these boys again and find out where they fall on our scale of hot to not! No, we're not drooling, you're drooling.

1. Troy Bolton

Troy Bolton, obviously is the hottest love interest. I mean was there even a question? Him dripping sweat as a Wildcat on the basketball floor is a consistent meme running through my head – at all times. Of course, he was Gabriella Montez's love interest in the High School Musical franchise and the actors that played those characters dated in real life. Troy was the typical smoking hot jock who could also sing AND dance. He takes the crown as the hottest Disney Channel love interest of all time!

love 1

2. Austin Moon

Coming in at a close second is Austin from Austin and Ally. He played Ally Dawson's love interest and their chemistry was on FIIIIRE. The blonde, shaggy hair gets us every time. We can't forget about that smile, the way he looks at Ally, his charm, his charisma, his everything. Of course, the fact that he can sing boosts him up on the hotness scale as well!

love 2

3. Ethan Craft

Ethan may not have been the brightest bulb in school but he had every girl falling all over him on Lizzie Mcguire. He was Kate Sanders on and off boyfriend but Lizzie was always crushing on him. And we don't blame her – with his laid back speech and casual style, Ethan was a total babe. Mr. Craft takes the cake for the third spot.

love 3

4. Brad

In the Disney Channel Original Movie, Cadet Kelly, Christy Carlson Romano's character totally has a thing for Brad but Hilary Duff's character does as well! He plays both of their love interests and there's something about him being so strict makes us kind of afraid – but, like, good afraid. And that buzz cut was seriously all anyone thought about.

love 4

4. Diggie Smalls

Diggie's name might just be the coolest and hottest thing about him. Just kidding. Diggie was a total hottie and kind of looks like a guy you'd see or date in real life. He had the looks but he also was super sweet. He played Maddie Rooney's love interest on Liv and Maddie and they dated in real life which made this whole thing amazing to watch on screen. We definitely dig Diggie!

love 5

5. Spencer Walsh

Spencer played Teddy Duncan's love interest on Good Luck Charlie and they had amazing chemistry. His dark hair, tan skin, and all around cool attitude are just a few reasons why he made this Disney Channel Love Interests list. He might be at the 5th spot but Spencer has definitely got it going on!

love 6

7. Devon Carter

OH BABY, Devon! He's literally got fans swooning with his swagger including his love interest Raven Baxter on That's So Raven. He came in during the later seasons when Raven had already grown up a bit and made a damn entrance that's for sure. The way he called her 'Ray' literally slayed us. SLAAYYYED us.

love 7

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8. Jackson Kale

Jackson is a spitfire! He played Zoey Stevens' love interest on the Disney Channel Original Movie Zapped and we couldn't get enough of him. He's got the looks, the charm and everything in between. Not to mention an absolutely perfect body! No really though, have you seen his abs? Six pack over everything.

love 8

9. Mason Greyback

Mason was the totally cute werewolf next door – if you had a cute werewolf next door. He played Alex Russo's love interest on Wizards of Waverly Place and their kiss in the rain will forever be iconic. Hey Mason, you're hot…want to show us your ways? We definitely don't mind the rain!

love 9

10. Brooks Wentworth

Just because Brooks is number 10, doesn't mean he's not hot! He played Jessie Prescott's love interest on the Disney Channel show, Jessie. They actually get engaged in the series and it's all blissful love – so Disney Channel. That is until you know, they didn't end up getting married and Jessie left him at the altar. Nbd, really. But the way Jessie looks at Spencer is exactly you'd look at someone who you think is not just 10 on our list but a 10 in real life!

love 10

11. Jake Ryan

Ringing in the 11th spot on the hotness scale is Jake, Miley Stewart's love interest on Hannah Montana! He's the real deal Malibu guy – something Miley Cyrus is very familiar with now. Jake is a babe, no doubt, and every fan of the show absolutely adored these two together. Okay and also can we talk about his teeth? They are perfect. Sorry, we have a weird thing with teeth over here but they are PEARLY WHITE.

love 11

12. Lucas Friar

Aww! Lucas and Riley Matthews were everything and are everything as they ended up together at the end of Girl Meets World. He's got a clean cut look about him with the hair and the boyish smile. We definitely peg him as the guy who knows he's semi good looking but is too nice to have a huge ego about it.

love 12

13. Greg Smith

Greg had a lot to compete with on Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century as his love interest, Zenon Kar was literally obsessed with the famous singer Proto Zoa. But, Proto Zoa was just a fantasy crush. Greg and Zenon had a lot in common and she even FaceTimed him from space before anyone watching even knew what FaceTime was. Like, really? FaceTiming a crush from freaking SPACE? She obviously thought he was mega hot.

love 13

14. Luke

Luke was super adorable and Marnie Piper totally had a thing for him in Halloweentown. His curly red hair and freckles were everything – and then it turned out his normal face was just a mask. His real face was a bit scary. But, Marnie still thought he was a hottie with that super big nose of his! We, on the other hand, had to rank him as number 14.

love 14

15. Shane Gray

Last but never least, Shane played Mitchie Torres' boy toy in Camp Rock and we were kind of into their relationship. But, there's a few reasons why Shane is at the bottom of this list. The first is that he was kind of awful at the beginning in terms of his attitude and demeanor and that was totally not hot. And also, HIS HAIR. It's straightened and long and has interesting angles to it. Come on, Shane! That was so 90's and this movie was definietly not made in the 90's. #Sorry.

love 15

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