Disney Channel star Jake Paul and his fellow YouTube co-star Alissa Violet have just gotten into a huge public argument. While the pair is used to sharing their lives online, this time it got super personal and fans aren't sure who to believe.

Let's start from the beginning. There's been speculation for months now that Jake and Alissa were totally an item, but they never confirmed it themselves. Of course, they played into the whole dating thing when it came to their online personas because so many fans shipped their relationship. However, there was no evidence that they were officially a couple.

Then…yesterday afternoon happened. The Bizaardvark star took to Twitter to say Alissa had cheated on him and he was heartbroken over the whole thing because she cheated with someone that was very close to him! This, obviously, didn't paint a very good picture of Alissa. But, she fired back and now everyone is confused.

She posted a series of tweets explaining how she and Jake were never dating. She said that he never wanted to be with her as many times as she asked and that he would always flirt with other girls right in front of her. The whole thing sounds pretty devastating if you look at her side of the story. Alissa went on to explain how manipulative Jake is and how she would cry at the end of the day because of him constantly paying attention to other women.

On Instagram, their relationship seemed perfect, which is why some fans still believe this big fight is a prank. While the pair is known for pulling jokes on each other and their friends, the content of the tweets seems pretty serious. Alissa is very upset and feels disrespected. To be honest, if this is real, our hearts go out to her.

If they really weren't exclusive, she has the right to date anyone she wants. Only time will tell what has really gone down here. There are so many questions left unanswered. Will they continue living together? Will they continue making content together? Will they ever be friends again? Can either of them forgive each other?

Fingers crossed that their fans get some answers soon. Until then, we've gathered all of their tweets about each other so you can start making some sense of this.

Click through the gallery and check out the tweets that Jake wrote about Alissa and Alissa wrote about Jake. Let us know what you think is really happening in the comments below!

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