Literally everyone on the planet is totally going nuts for the K-Pop boy band BTS (also referred to as the Bangtan Boys), and that really comes by no surprise. Seriously though, they are truly hard not to love. It seems like everyone is ultra obsessed with the band these days, and that is no different for some of your favorite celebs.

One of the latests stars to profess their love for BTS was none other than DNCE frontman Joe Jonas, who just so happens to be a former boy band singer himself. (For the record, Joe will always be a Jonas Brother in our hearts.) Oh, how we just love seeing boy bands come together as one. But honestly, it could happen. And you’ll see why.

So basically, it all started when one particularly passionate Jo Bros and Bangtan enthusiast (no really, that title was in his Twitter bio) tweeted out at Joe asking if there could ever be a collab in their futures. His answer? “Any day.”

bts fan tweet

The fan wrote, “So excited omgg would you mind making a collab with @BTS_twt ?? I know this is tiring, but many of us “teamdnce x army” want it to happen ❤.”

Aw, so sweet! Not only does this Jo Bros and BTS fan want this collaboration to happen, but a whole DNCE and BTS army is behind the idea as well. We smell a hit…. and so do all the members of DNCE, apparently.

“We LOVE @BTS_twt we’d collab with them any day ??,” DNCE responded in an enthusiastic tweet.

dnce tweet

We’re keeping our fingers crossed! Putting all of those musical masterminds together for one awesome jam would honestly be a true blessing to us all.

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