When Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimigilia are on screen together, we feel like worlds are colliding.

The Princess Diaries star kissing the Gilmore Girls star on their own show, This Is Us, is literally a dream come true. They have amazing chemistry and are actually great friends in real life which makes this even better. Mandy revealed in a recent interview before the Golden Globes 2017 that it was Milo who broke the news about her nomination.

She said, "My boyfriend was getting ready to go to the airport so he was up around 5:15 and I just woke up with him and my phone lit up shortly thereafter. I was like, 'Oh, yeah, the Golden Globe nominations,' but I certainly was not expecting to be recognized for the show. Milo was actually the one who texted me and was like, 'Congratulations, Mandy!' I was like, 'Wait, on what? The show got nominated?' He’s like, 'No, you did!'

My jaw was definitely on the ground and I just started shaking. I’ve never been nominated for anything in my life. I feel like I’m on another planet right now. It’s so exciting, but I’m most excited about the show getting nominated."

Aww! This is so sweet but this isn't even the best thing that they've said about each other. Mandy confessed that Milo is her best on screen kiss and he felt the same! If you watch This Is Us, then this information is seriously everything you've ever needed to hear.

When Milo heard about Mandy's compliment he said, "I respect and I appreciate that and she is mine. It’s one of those things, like, your current girlfriend, you have to say ‘She’s the best.’ She may have had some steamy ones in the past, but I thank you Mandy for saying I’m the best. Right back at you!" FREAKING. EPIC.

So, no, they haven't come out and said they want even more kissing scenes than they already have but it seems like they wouldn't mind if there were several others written into their scripts!

Will you watch more of Mandy and Milo's lip locks tonight on the episode of This Is Us at 10 p.m. on NBC? Let us know in the comments below!

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