Call her, beep her! With four successful seasons on the Disney Channel and two made-for-TV movies, Kim Possible continues to be a fan favorite creation.

The animated series followed the adventures of Kim Possible, a high school student who fights crime with the help of her sidekick, Ron Stoppable, and his naked mole rat, Rufus.

Since the final movie So the Drama was released in 2005, the cast has continued to discuss coming back to explore their characters again. Christy Carlson Romano, who voiced Kim, opened up about the impact that the role had on her during the 15th anniversary of the series.

“Just being able to say that I played her is such an honor,” Christy, 37, told MTV in 2017. “And I really hope they bring it back someday and I get to reboot her.”

Will Friedle, who voiced Kim’s friend and later love interest Ron, also discussed how his character represented a personal journey with his own mental health.

“I think that Ron was one of the most courageous characters ever because he was scared … and as somebody who deals with anxiety, I know what this is like,” Will, 45, noted to MTV at the time. “He was scared every day and still did what had to be done.”

Although the Boy Meets World alum had a special love for his character, the actor chose not to reprise his role in Disney Channel’s recent live-action movie.

“It was a cameo and it’s one of those things where Kim Possible was very important to me. It really is a very important show in my past and I hope they do it justice,” Will told Page Six after passing on the opportunity to return in 2018. “It was not Disney’s fault, they absolutely asked me, but I’m the one who said ‘No.’ So it’s certainly not on them.”

After the interview, Will took to social media to apologize to the fans that were looking forward to seeing him as Ron again.

“Sorry all … it just wasn’t for me,” he tweeted at the time.

Christy, for her part, decided to make a cameo in the movie because she knew that fans would “be happy” with the project and the nostalgia.

“I was excited, but I was confused because I was like, ‘Wait, you guys are bringing back the cartoon? Wait, what’s happening?'” she told Entertainment Tonight in August 2021, … And also, to me, it was like, ‘How are they gonna do this? How are they gonna be able to make the whole live-action big?'” she shared in February 2019. “And also, to me, it was like, ‘How are they gonna do this? How are they gonna be able to make the whole live-action big?'”

Two years later, Christy posted a video to her YouTube channel where she explained how magical it was to voice Kim.

“At the time, portraying her was kind of tricky because I probably wasn’t in the most confident time in my life,” she said in the video in September 2021. “But ultimately, when I went into the booth, I felt capable and confident, like I could save the day. And that mattered to me … to see it actually drawn and illustrated and portrayed onscreen, I mean, there’s just no kind of magic like that.”

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