Things got pretty awkward last night on Dancing With the Stars! It was Cody Simpson's big night to shine, and although his dancing was phenomenal, things got really uncomfortable really fast when he got asked about being attracted to his coach — especially since his girlfriend Gigi Hadid was right in the audience watching!

When he first met his single coach Witney Carson, who's only three years older than him, she asked if he has a girlfriend. After uncomfortably pausing and saying "pardon?," he revealed he does, but the grilling didn't end there! Witney then asked him what Gigi thinks of him doing this show, to which he responded, "[She said] just be careful with your partner! I was like 'I'll be fine, don't worry.'"

As the two practiced their cha-cha routine together, Cody revealed the way his partner moves is "distracting sometimes," which wasn't a good idea because the host brought it up after their big performance, totally embarrassing him! Cody stumbled all over his words trying to let everyone know Gigi is cool with him dancing, and Witney even helped him out, saying she's "awesome."

Do you think Cody has a thing for his dance partner? Let us know in the comments below!

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