Jenna Ortega might nail the spooky, kooky and all-black wearing Wednesday Addams in Wednesday, but does she sport any black ink herself? Keep reading to see Jenna’s tattoos — if she has any!

Does Jenna Ortega Have Any Tattoos?

Jenna herself does not have tattoos, however, she is the inspiration behind a lot of them! Her character, Wednesday Addams, on the Netflix series Wednesday is one of the most beloved characters in television, leading many fans to getting their own ink of the icon on their bodies.

One such tattoo became a meme on social media in early 2023, when a photo of someone’s Wednesday tat went viral for looking like a mixture between the character and actor Samuel L. Jackson. No, seriously. “Not Wednesday L. Jackson,” a social media user wrote on X, along with the viral photo. Another wrote, “That’s ‘Monday morning’ Adams after a long weekend out.”

Regardless, Jenna herself actually likes the ink! In a March 2023 interview with Elle, Jenna acknowledged the tattoo, revealing, “Oh my God. I almost made it my profile photo.” Petition for Jenna to actually make that tattoo her profile pic!

While the Disney Channel alum doesn’t actually sport any ink, she does have a super-gothic style reminiscent of her Netflix character.

“The problem is that since doing that show, if I do wear something black, it seems like I’m leaning into character, but it’s my genuine style,” Jenna told WSJ Magazine in June 2023.

The former You actress went on to explain that she “genuinely resonates” with both Wednesday and the color black. “It’s easy, and I feel the most like myself when I’m wearing all black, which is also why doing that job is really exciting.”

When she’s not doing press or working on set, she explained that her wardrobe includes a lot more relaxed looks.

“I’m awful at [putting together outfits in the morning]. Especially because I’m usually going to work, so I wear my personal clothes for five seconds,” the Netflix star said. “So, it’s just sweats, and I get cold easily too, so I always go for a cardigan. I have these red thrifted boots from the ’70s that I’m obsessed with … any time that I can find a way to get those in, I will.”

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