Heartbreak High has been introduced to a whole new audience following its release in 2022. The series is a reboot from the Australian ’90s sitcom of the same name which ran for seven seasons — and new fans are obsessed with its Gen-Z humor that actually sounds like teenagers speaking rather than adults writing internet slang into their scripts.

The hilarious cast is part of the show’s charm, such as Thomas Weatherall who plays Hartley High’s transfer student, Malakai. Keep reading to uncover everything know about Thomas and his role in Heartbreak High!

Who Does Thomas Weatherall Play in Heartbreak High?

Season 1 of the Aussie reboot centers around high school teen Amerie (Ayesha Madon), whose Year 11 social ambitions are destroyed after her best friend Harper (Asher Yasbincek) dumps her. Amerie is blamed for the fallout and — making matters worse — the duo’s “incest map,” which details every hook-up (real or rumored) in their year, is discovered. Talk about a burn book.

“What was groundbreaking back then about that show is almost the norm today,” Thomas told NME following the show’s release.  “And kids are so much more aware – I can’t speak to exactly how they felt back then, but you can’t bulls–t them now.”

Thomas plays Hartley High’s new transfer student, a Bundjalung boy named Malakai. “I look at Heartbreak High and it’s definitely still a very genuine representation of my time at high school,” Thomas told Lifehacker in September 2022.

“[It’s] important as well to feel that connection on set and in a table read and that kind of thing,” Thomas told NME, “to actually see other mob around the place and feel good about the inclusivity without it feeling tokenistic.”

Who is Thomas Weatherall? Meet the Actor Who Plays Malakai in Netflix's 'Heartbreak High'
Courtesy of Netflix Netflix

Who Is Thomas Weatherall?

Thomas is an Australian actor who has already starred in a handful of projects prior to Heartbreak High. The 22-year-old has starred in TV series such as Deadlock, All My Friends Are Racist, RFDS and Troppo.

Additionally, the Heartbreak High star is a playwright! He wrote his debut play called BLUE, opened in 2023 at the Belvoir St. Theatre in Surry Hills, Australia.  “My debut play as a writer will be opening Belvoir’s 2023 season and I’m a little lost for words,” he wrote on Instagram in September 2022. “This play has been a long time in the making, and I’m very fortunate to have a brilliant team behind me.”

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