It’s a Snow Day, again! Nickelodeon and Paramount+ released an all-new original movie musical Snow Day on December 16, 2022, which is a “musical reimagining” of the 2000 Nickelodeon classic of the same name.

The original Snow Day, also from Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures, has become a fan-favorite over the years, starring huge names like Josh PeckJean SmartChevy ChaseChris Elliott, Mark Webber and Emmanuelle Chriqui, among others.

J-14 sat down with the reboot’s cast where Jerry Trainor, who plays the cranky snowplow driver, exclusively told us his thoughts on his iCarly costar Josh Peck possibly joining the Snow Day remake as well as more details about the film!

Does Josh Peck Appear in ‘Snow Day’ Remake?

It’s unclear if Josh, who starred in the original Snow Day, makes an appearance in the reboot — and Jerry Trainor isn’t telling us, either!

“Oh, I don’t know if I can say anything about that,” Jerry said of a Josh cameo, while also revealing he originally “didn’t know” that his iCarly costar was even in the original Snow Day reboot!

Jerry explained to J-14 that while the 2000 movie came out while he was very much living (unlike his other Snow Day costars), he still had not seen the movie before booking the role as the cranky snowplow man. “It came out while I was alive,” the iCarly star assured. “I was on the planet, but for some reason*COMMA it was not on my radar. I don’t know why because I love Chevy Chase and Chris Elliot. I have no idea. I think it was a little after my time or something.”

And if you thought he has seen the original Snow Day since starring in the reboot, you, as Jerry puts it, “would be wrong about that.”

“[The reboot] happened very quickly,” he explained. “It was like, ‘Do you want to do the movie?’ I was like, ‘Let me read it. Oh, it’s a musical. I can’t sing.’ They’re like, ‘Figure it out.’ And I was like, ‘All right.’ And then we’re in the snow shooting it, and now we’re here.”

Jerry Trainor as the Cranky Snowplow Man in ‘Snow Day’

The plot of Snow Day‘s reboot follows siblings Hal (played by Ky Baldwin) and Natalie (played by Michaela Russell) and their shenanigans after a surprise winter whiteout “offers them the chance to break routines and take giant risks.”

Jerry plays the cranky snowplowman, which was originally played by Chris Elliot in the 2000 movie, as Natalie attempts to thwart his efforts to clear up the snow in time for school the next day, in hopes of gaining another snow day. A “snow down,” if you will.

“He’s so genuine, but he’s very, very funny,” Michaela said of working with Jerry. “He definitely brings such a comedic spark to set and it makes the movie a lot funnier. I’m so happy to have Jerry Trainor as our snowplow man and Natalie’s arch nemesis.”

As for Jerry, he said he “loved” playing Michaela’s nemesis. “Visually, it’s very funny, because I’m nine feet tall and she’s one foot tall,” Jerry joked. And so when we have a showdown in the street, it looks ridiculous.”

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