When we first saw the photos of Selena Gomez hanging out with her friends and a new guy, Tanz Watson, we were wondering one thing: what about Justin Bieber? According to E! Online, Selena definitely still has feelings for her on-again, off-again boyfriend — but that doesn't mean they'll be jumping into a relationship any time soon. And if they do, they probably won't even call it a relationship!

"There will forever be an emotional connection for them, but they don't have a title to their relationship," the source said. "He is not her boyfriend, but the feelings are always going to be there."

While this is definitely a bummer for Jelena diehards, at least Justin and Selena seem to be moving on. Although some people are speculating that Selena's pic with Tanz was only meant to make Justin jealous, it looks like Justin has been doing the same thing, flaunting his dinner dates and online flirtations with other girls.

But instead of worrying about Justin, Selena "is trying to move on with her life and focus on her." We were worried when we saw how lonely she felt on Instagram, but Selena has since been surrounding herself with friends, which is always a good move.

Do you think Jelena will reunite again? Have they both moved on? Spill all your thoughts in the comments!

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