From their impressive acting skills to their killer pipes and cool dance moves, it’s no secret that celebrities are super talented. But you want to know what we find even more impressive? The fact that some of these stars are also freakishly flexible — or rather, double-jointed!

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Of course, some might argue that being double-jointed doesn’t really count as a talent. But let’s face it, not that many people can get away with rotating their arms at crazy angles, bending their fingers backward, or pushing their thumbs in the opposite direction. So if you ask us, they all count as pretty unique abilities in our book!

Watch the video below to see all the stars who have super flexible joints!

For example, there’s Demi Lovato, who can actually rotate both of her arms to the point where they legit look broken. In fact, when she appeared on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man show in 2013, she demonstrated her talent and the host totally freaked out (we don’t blame him!). And also, there’s former boy bander Zayn Malik, who exclusively revealed to us back in 2012 that he actually has a double-jointed thumb. Pretty insane, right?

After seeing so many of these stars show off their unique talents, we’re starting to wish that we were double-jointed them too! Like, how cool would it be if we could bend our body parts in such crazy ways? We imagine it’s not as painful as it looks. Granted, we’d get a few crazy looks from our friends and family — but hey, it’s exactly what makes us all so unique!

Check out our video to see which other famous stars are double-jointed! But be warned — a few of them might make you cringe a little!

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