This year's most powerful love tale, Romeo & Juliet, hits theaters today, and anyone who goes is going to notice that apart from the intense fighting scenes and crazy family drama, there's something that happens a lot between the two stars, Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth — kissing, kissing and more kissing.

Obviously with a love story like this, Romeo and Juliet don't want to be separated for a second, so when they're together, they show their affection in the most romantic ways possible. What's funny is even though Romeo and Juliet don't fall in love at first sight until later in the film, the first scene they filmed is one of the most envied love scenes of all time. Let's just say the two lovebirds had to get to know each other pretty quickly while filming!

"The balcony scene was one of the first scenes we did, so we had to launch straight into that," Douglas EXCLUSIVELY tells "It was like a little anticipation and a few nerves, but ultimately once we got started, it was absolutely fine."

Once they got used to being around each other, Hailee said the kissing became so natural they didn't even think about it.

"It sort of became a smaller thing on the list of things we had to worry about I think," Hailee added. "We became really close really quick and we were really considerate of each other and it was done very professionally."

Even though Douglas got to kiss an Oscar-winning beauty, his first kiss wasn't as glamorous! In fact, he told us he basically just wanted to get it over with.

"It was in some awful park somewhere," Douglas said. "I remember thinking, 'How can I not have kissed anyone, I need to kiss someone,' so it wasn't very special — just kissing someone for the sake of kissing someone. And I look back and think, 'Why did I choose that person?'"

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