Dove Cameron has always been one to speak out about her struggles with fans, in hopes to help and inspire them. The actress recently opened up about her anxiety on social media, and is now delving in a little deeper into how that kind of stress affected her career early on.

In a new interview, the Liv and Maddie actress discussed the pressures of playing not one but two characters in one of her first major television roles and revealed that none of it was as easy as it appeared on screen.

“It was a long period of time where I was really struggling with the energy, and the workload, and shooting everything twice, then recording on the weekends, and still sleeping, and having a social life,” she revealed.

The stress at one point became too much to handle, that Dove actually considered actually giving up on her dreams. She continued to say, “There was definitely a time when I [told] my mom, ‘I literally think I’m not capable of doing this. I do not think I will survive this. I think I am going to let all of Disney Channel down. They trusted me with this, and I seriously think I am going to cost them millions of dollars and pull out of this show.”

Despite all the pressure, Dove found the strength to power through and believes the experience helped her become the person she is today.

“I honestly think what skyrocketed me into professionalism was learning how to play two people and still live through the day. I know that sounds dramatic, but shooting everything twice and going through the emotions of two different humans was crazy for me at 16. In terms of my career, that was something that really, really formed me,” she added.

Playing two very different characters on the same show definitely had to be stressful, but it’s great that Dove is able to look back at that time in her life and consider it a valuable learning experience.

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