It looks like Dove Cameron still has rather strong feelings about her past relationship with ex-fiancé Ryan McCartan. All was revealed during the series finale of Liv and Maddie, the show the former couple just so happened to meet and fall in love on). They split after filming of the final season had already ended, which is probably a good thing since Dove's character Maddie and Ryan's character Diggie are a couple on the show. But while Dove was live-tweeting the final episode, she revealed more of her true feelings about Ryan and his character Diggie. It all began when Dove decided to share a funny tweet pointing out the massive height difference between Maddie and Diggie since IRL, Dove is 5'2" and Ryan is 6'1".

This innocent tweet came as quite the shock, since fans weren't sure if Dove would even acknowledge Ryan's presence in the episode. But she sure did, since in a now-deleted tweet, Dove even brought up the fact that the way Diggie reacted to Maddie changing her life plans is the way a boyfriend should react. Here it is:

dove cameron shady tweet

SPOILER ALERT: In the episode, Maddie decides to go to New Orleans to build houses and do humanitarian work, instead of playing basketball. Diggie says he is nothing but proud of her and will follow her as she chases her dreams. Dove's tweet perhaps implied that Ryan may not have reacted in the most supportive way when it came to her flourishing career. The starlet even liked some tweets from fans that were calling out the fact that she was obviously throwing some shade.

dove cameron twitter faves

Another character on the show, Dump Truck, said in the finale that he was always team Josh and was hoping Maddie and Josh would end up together, instead of Maddie and Diggie. And we all remember that epic love triangle! Clearly Dove loved this line and maybe agreed.

Since Dove has since deleted that tweet that let's just say had a bit of sass to it, it's safe to think she didn't mean to cause any drama and was just stating the obvious about the situation going on in the show. A boyfriend should always been supportive of his girlfriend's life choices and be there for her, so she's speaking the truth! Maybe it wasn't a direct call-out to what went down between her and Ryan and since people might've thought that, she deleted the tweet instead. She has dropped some major truths about their dramatic breakup on social media before though, taking to Instagram to say Ryan was "terrible" to her.

Ryan on the other hand, sent out a sweet tweet, reflecting on his time being a part of Liv and Maddie and how it impacted his life in so many ways.

Ryan has said he still has nothing but love for his ex, and while Dove has moved on and his dating her Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty, she doesn't really seem to harbor and ill feelings toward her time with Ryan. She did retweet a fan edit of a photo of the two of them, which although she didn't realize was of her and Ryan at first, she still acknowledged how amazing the photo was and didn't seem to mind it was artwork inspired by her picture with her ex. So perhaps it's all just water under the bridge now, and since the series they both starred on is over for good, there really is no more Dove and Ryan, or shall we say Maddie and Diggie moments left for fans to see. An end of an era indeed.

This post was originally published on March 27, 2017.

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