Drew Roy is a new dad after welcoming his first son! Fans might remember Drew as Jesse, Miley Stewart's boyfriend in Hannah Montana, but those days are far behind him as he takes on this new role of being a parent. His wife Renee (Gardner) Roy gave birth earlier this week and the young couple is already sharing photos of their sweet bundle of joy on Instagram with their followers.


The new dad shared a photo holding his newborn in his arms and wrote in the caption: "Our happy little bundle."

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Our happy little bundle

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Though they have not outright said it, based on their comments it looks like the baby boy's name is Jack Roy. Based on Renee's Instagram, the baby is happy and healthy and all ready to go home from the hospital after she shared a photo of him dressed up in the cutest baby clothes with the caption: "We're ready to finally go home! #MySweetBoy ??" So cute!

A week before the baby arrived, Drew shared a sonogram of his son saying: "Today @rgardner24 And I are one week away from our first little "us" being born. You all know the feeling of being a week away from a big vacation or an exciting celebration, but the anticipation of meeting this little boy is something so different than anything I've ever been apart of. It's almost like being a child again leading up to Christmas. That curiosity of knowing something special is in store for you, but you crave to find out the specifics of what is coming your way. Imagining what he'll be like, who he'll become, who he'll help us to become. It simply is a miracle."

drew roy baby

The sweet couple has been awaiting his arrival anxiously, but that did not stop them from partying together until the very last second before she gave birth. She posted this photo with her belly saying: "Last night out as a family of two! #ReadyToPop #PoweringThroughSwollenFeet #OscarPartayyy2017"

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He looks so different from his days on the Disney Channel! Toward the end of the hit show, Drew played the role of Jesse, the guy with the bad boy image who ended up stealing Miley's heart after Jake Ryan broke her heart. He was quick to realize Miley and Hannah were the same people since they had the same "beautiful eyes and smile." This proved he was not as much of a bad boy as people thought and he was "the one" for Miley in the end.

Can you believe Drew is now a father? What do you think the baby's name is? Tell us in the comments!

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