Dylan Sprouse and his twin Cole might not be co-starring on a television series anymore, but they're both still out here acting, just doing things separately. Cole is currently starring as Jughead Jones on the hit series Riverdale and he's going to be starring in one of the lead roles in an upcoming romantic drama film called Five Feet Apart. Dylan, on the other hand, has already starred in films all on his lonesome like the most recent thriller Dismissed, plus he's been working on his meadery business since he and Cole graduated college. So with each Sprouse brother literally living his own life, it's kind of hard mix them up now, right?

Well, not so fast. Dylan took to his Instagram Story to let everyone know that someone had totally confused him and Cole and it was a bit awkward. See, Dylan had gotten a direct message from someone who Dylan thought was saying all these flirty, super nice things to him, complimenting the actor saying how beautiful he is. But then they followed up with the fact that this message was actually meant for Cole not Dylan and if Dylan could pass along the message to his brother, that would be perfect.

dylan cole instagram dm

OK, can we just take a moment to let this all sink in? The convo took a dramatic turn since it was all love to Dylan but then JK, it was meant for Cole. Both Sprouses are known for their sense of humor so Dylan must've gotten a kick out of this mix-up since he shared it with his millions of followers. But what shocks us the most is that Cole and Dylan look SO different now so how could one ever confuse them? We're not back in their The Suite Life of Zack & Cody days here: Dylan has long blonde hair while Cole is sporting dark short locks for his role as Jughead so that's an easy way to tell them apart now. Proof in this selfie featuring Cole's Rvierdale co-star KJ Apa:

cole sprouse kj apa dylan sprouse

Well, if anything, there are folks out there who still might be mixing the twins up. Or was this all part of this person's master plan to get noticed by Dylan? We're sure he gets tons of DMs every day so this is a way to get yourself to stand out. Wow, genius move if that's really what went down here. Perhaps we'll just always wonder but hey, this all makes for one interesting story we're sure Dylan told Cole about.

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