Fans of 13 Reasons Why have eagerly been waiting for the tiniest details of what’s to come of season two of the Netflix series, since it was announced that it would be premiering sometime next year.

For those who were hoping that Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette would share what’s next for Clay, and how Hannah would factor into the next season – they didn’t share a single detail about any of that. Though the two stars did share in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, whether or not fan reactions from around the world will influence how they’ll handle the next batch of episodes.

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Dylan said, “I think every single word from everyone across the world has been heard by everyone involved with the show. Whether that will have an impact or change the storytelling that needs to be done in season two, I don't think so. I think they're, again, going to tell the story that we think needs to be told and tell it, and try to do the best job that we can, like last year.”

“I'm not sure how I can answer [that question] without giving away too much about season two. All I can say is, I feel like we continue the discussion from season one,” Katherine added.

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Okay, so that’s not a direct answer, but maybe what the actress means is that some fan theories that have been floating around on the internet could be true in some way. That could be one plausible answer as to why she couldn’t give one tiny hint of what’s to come.

Of course it’ll be tough to say what happens next seeing as practically zero spoilers have leaked from the cast or crew, but no doubt everyone around the world is patiently waiting for a trailer or at least a few stills to be dropped.

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