We've been rooting for Dylan O'Brien and Selena Gomez for quite a while now, but despite recently admitting his crush on the "Come & Get It" star during MTV's Wolf Watch, he just told us the truth and it might surprise you!

When we caught up with Dylan, he EXCLUSIVELY told J-14 the truth about Selena, saying, "I don’t [have a crush on her]. That’s great. That’s just a game on a show and I knew Tyler would say 'Selena,' you know what I mean?"

Ever since he said he had a crush on Selena years ago, he hasn't been able to live it down, saying, "I kinda have no freedom now changing my celebrity crush at all because four years ago I said this and it’ll follow me I think until I die. I think I’m done with celebrity crush names because it kind of just follows me around."

There's only one problem. Now that Dylan says he doesn't have a crush on Sel, he already knows it's going to backfire, continuing with, "Not saying [a crush], now people are going to be like, 'Oh my God, he’s totally over her!' — like I was never under her! I’m still a fan, I always will be. It’s not a big deal!"

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