OMG, we're shocked! Taylor Swift has gotten a lot of heat for when she was caught turning to
Selena Gomez and saying "shut the f— up," supposedly talking about the
One Direction guys (mostly ex-boyfriend Harry Styles!) as they were up on stage about to hand out the award for Best Pop Video at MTV's Video Music Awards. Well, Taylor and Selena have both kept quiet about the truth, but Ed Sheeran couldn't stand it anymore and finally came clean about what she was really talking about that night!

At a recent press conference, Ed told the story from that night, saying the real reason Taylor said that was because right before Selena won her award, she turned to Taylor and said, "I think Miley's going to win." After that, Taylor said the sentence that has made her the topic of every conversation during the VMAs!

Hilariously enough, Taylor knew she was in trouble after it happened and went up to Ed that night, saying, "I think I messed up." Props to Taylor for just letting everything die down and not making things even more messy than they already were!

Since Selena admitted she thought
Miley Cyrus was going to be tough competition for her that night, it makes total sense that she was unsure of herself when they were about to give out the award — and of course her BFF Taylor had to chill her out and put her in her place!

Do you think Ed is telling the truth? Let us know in the comments!

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