It's an incredible time for Hannah Montana fans, as so much buzz has been stirred up about the beloved former Disney Channel series recently! Earlier this week, actress and singer Miley Cyrus returned "home" to the Disney fam by visiting the Radio Disney station to talk about her new music, and shared her thoughts about a Hannah reboot in another interview. She explained that she loves how Raven-Symoné is giving That's So Raven fans what they've always dreamed of with her upcoming spinoff show, but that she doesn't see herself doing something similar.

Well now, Emily Osment is weighing in and sharing her thoughts on the possibility of the OG Hannah crew reuniting. When Us Weekly asked if she would ever consider re-visiting her role as Lilly Prescott, Emily had a very interesting answer.

"I don’t think I could unless it was, like, current day or something," she said in the interview. "I don’t even know what that character would be now in her twenties!"

So it sounds like Emily wouldn't be interested in re-joining the show right where it left off, or re-casting the show with new people to re-do the series.

However, Emily would be down to get her former co-stars for a reunion, so that fans could hear how much the cast's lives have changed since the series first began.

"It’d be more interesting to see all of us as our normal selves now," Emily said. "I think that would be much more interesting, to get everyone together for an interview to talk about the last 11 years."

Emily also shared that she still remains in contact with her co-stars, because working on the show together for so long gave them the kind of bond you can't share with just anybody.

"I saw Jason Earles the other day. I talk to Miley about hikes and dogs. We all connect in different ways, which is cool," she said. "You go through this experience together where it’s these formative years, 13-18, which is a terrifying age to be in general. You have acne, you cut yourself terrible bangs, you have no style, you're just going through puberty and it’s terrifying. You have these people that were with you for every step of the way, so it's really nostalgic and sweet."

We love hearing that the cast is still so close and shares common interests, especially after going through so much together.

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