The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon has officially came to an end — and some cast members aren’t happy about it! The long-running CBS show has seen a ton of success over its seven seasons, which leaves certain actors from the show puzzled by its abrupt finish.

Keep reading to find out why the popular series had to come to an end. 

Why Did ‘Young Sheldon’ End?

The family sitcom first aired in 2017 and since its debut, the series has easily become one of TV’s most-watched shows. However — all good things must come to an end!

While speaking to reporters, executive producer Steve Holland explained the decision behind wrapping up the comedy.

“There are certain things we know happen in Sheldon’s life at 14,” he explained. “We started talking about the future of show, and what it looked like. This is the right time for this story to come to an end, knowing that at 14, he goes off to Cal Tech. It felt like the right time to end it strong while it was on top,” per Deadline in May 2024.

Young Sheldon is the prequel to the Big Bang Theory, which technically means that the series had an expiration date.

How Does The ‘Young Sheldon’ Cast Feel About It Ending?

Well if you ask MeeMaw, she wasn’t too thrilled by the news! Annie Potts, who played Sheldon’s grandma claimed she felt “ambushed” by the show’s finale.

“This one was especially hard because I was completely unprepared. I was shocked. I mean, the No. 1 show on network TV, No. 1 on Netflix … It just seemed like such a stupid business move,” she explained to Variety in May 2024.

Annie wasn’t the only one saddened by the conclusion of the hit series. Young Sheldon himself, Iain Armitage related to her frustration during the same interview.

“I totally get what Annie means. It’s also just hard in a really weird way that I can only really see if I step back and try and take a global view, which is hard … This is a real loss for me. More than anyone. I definitely think we could have done a lot more.”

Is There a ‘Young Sheldon’ Spinoff?

If you’re worried that you won’t see the Cooper family anymore, don’t fret, because another spinoff is on its way!

Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage is an upcoming sitcom created by the same writers as Young Sheldon. The series is set to follow Sheldon’s brother George, played by Montana Jordan, and his wife Mandy, played by Emily Osment as they raise their young family together.

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