Emma Chamberlain and Role Model (Tucker Pillsbury) are such an It Couple and you can’t convince us otherwise. The YouTuber and musician first sparked dating rumors in August 2020, and have since been spotted on multiple red carpet events together. Keep reading to see their rare but adorable photos of one another.

Although the pair have never confirmed their relationship publicly, they consistently comment and like one another’s social media posts, while also never denying that they are indeed a couple. The two soft-launched their relationship via Instagram for Halloween 2022, teasing photos of one another holding hands while wearing matching costumes.

“[I don’t show] very personal details of my life that are rapidly changing,” Emma told W Magazine in June 2019. “For example, I don’t like to give too many details on very, very personal aspects of my relationships with my family or friends. I don’t like to show too much of that. There’s a line for me, and I like to keep things very light, nothing serious.”

For his part, when Tucker spoke with GQ in April 2022, he shared how in love he is with his current partner and admitted he would get an “Emma” tattoo.

“We are both the most open with each other, ever. Our dynamic just works,” he explained to GQ. “She’s the most talkative human being on the earth, and I’m shy. We are both not confrontational, which makes me think like that would cause its set of problems, but it works for us. We know what each other is thinking without speaking.”

He further explained their relationship dynamic and who said “I love you” first!

“She said ‘I love you’ a week into our relationship and loving her back changed something in my brain. I wouldn’t say it cured my depression completely, but I was suddenly going outside, working out and taking care of myself for the first time,” he revealed. “I knew I was in love with her before I met her. I can judge people well online, and I knew I loved her because of little things she did, like the way she blinks and s–t. It’s stupid little things! I felt like I knew her. She reminded me of myself.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see Emma and Tucker’s rare photos together.

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