Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch EXCLUSIVELY revealed to J-14 why being consumed by books is way healthier than obsessing over social media! In response to how Evanna feels about being such an inspiration for young Harry Potter fans, she said, "I like that we meet kids who weren’t even alive when we were making the movie. It’s so good to see it handed down to people.”

“I see young people – and I’m going to sound so old – but I see them with the Instagram and Snapchat, and it sometimes makes me sad that they’re all just like looking at themselves,” she told us.

“In each of the characters, there’s kind of a hero for someone who’s going through something. Rather than looking at perfect people on social media and being obsessed with that, it’s much more healthy to be obsessed with a book and that world that J.K. Rowling created that is full of diversity and strangeness."

We can’t argue with that! It’s easy to get caught up in social media!

Do you agree with Evanna that social media can be unhealthy? Let us know in the comments!

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