The upcoming Every Day movie asks you to put yourself in a mind-boggling position: imagine if you fell in love with someone who turns into a new person every single day. In the teenage romantic drama based on David Levithan’s YA book of the same name, Angourie Rice‘s character, Rhiannon, falls for the mysterious “A.” (No, this isn’t Pretty Little Liars, although the elements of mystery are still there.) Every Day‘s “A” is a traveling soul who wakes up each morning in a different body, always around the same age and always near the person “A” woke up in the day before. J-14 is exclusively debuting stills from the film — including one very adorable pic with our girl, Debby Ryan.

In the Every Day trailer below, “A” explains the heartbreaking truth of their reality, saying, “I am someone who wakes up in the same body every day, never too far from the last, never the same person twice.” Wild, right?

Director Michael Sucsy told Entertainment Weekly that the LGBTQ-friendly themes are no accident. “A” is fluid in every sense of the word.

“I think that this generation is already on a journey of evolution of seeing people in non-binary ways, but I think that we still do see the world in binary ways: black, white, male, female, those kinds of identifiers. And the world is so much more complex than that, and I don’t mean that we’re just adding categories,” he said. “It’s like, in truth, there are no categories. We use them here because it makes the world simpler to understand, but on a cosmic level, those things don’t even exist, and…I want people to begin to see that possibility.”

Check out the exclusive stills from the movie below. Every Day will be released in theaters February 23, 2018.

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