The wait is finally over — 10 Things I Hate About You returns tonight at 8 pm on ABC Family. J-14 chatted exclusively with stars Ethan Peck (Patrick) and Lindsey Shaw (Kat) about the upcoming season and what they really think about their costars.

J-14: Give us a little teaser for the new season.
Lindsey Shaw:
This season has really evolved from the first. This season's main theme is relationships and while it was really about that in the first, I think that the relationships are a lot more specific and this season each girl has their respective boy that they're kind of dating, antagonizing, bantering with — even Walter (Kat and Bianca's dad) has a lady in this season as well. So really the theme is romance, love, heartbreak and all of that, so everything we love and all the drama.

J-14: In the first episode, Patrick and Kat cut school. Have you guys ever cut school in real life?
I did not. I, no, I never would have been that courageous.
Ethan Peck: Yeah I maybe convinced my parents to let me cut school once, but definitely in college I cut school a lot.

J-14: What's the relationship like between Kat and Patrick now? Things were rocky with them last season.
Oh yeah, absolutely. I think while they do come to some more stability in this season, you know, they really work on a friendship. Towards the middle of the season it starts to get a little rocky again.
Ethan: Specifically, they agree to disagree.
Lindsey: Absolutely and their feelings are getting a little bit deeper and things are just getting more complex.

J-14: Do you guys want them together at the end?
I just want them to be happy at the end.
Ethan: Yeah, I want them to grow up and learn about themselves and be okay with themselves, and yeah, the fire is getting bigger and they're both burning.

J-14: Ok tell us the first thing that pops into your head when you hear your costars' names. First up: Meaghan
Ethan: Blonde
J-14: Nick
Ethan: Tall
J-14: Ok Lindsay, what about Ethan?
J-14: And Ethan, what about Lindsey?
Sassy, absolutely.

Photo: Courtesy of ABC Family

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