All Time Low just released their MTV Unplugged CD/DVD set last week and to celebrate the band's acoustic endeavor, J-14 chatted with All Time Low's lead singer Alex Gaskarth to get the scoop on their unplugged song choices, their contribution to the Alice in Wonderland movie soundtrack, and those rumors about ATL and Demi Lovato!

J-14: Why was it important to you to do MTV Unplugged and release the set on DVD?
Alex Gaskarth:
Fist of all, Unplugged is legendary — Nirvana's played it, and all kinds of amazing bands that I consider legendary. So to even get the invite to come and do it was very cool. On top of that, it's always fun to strip down your songs and play them in a very honest way in an intimate setting like that. It was a good time. I think the kids that were there really appreciated it. We wanted to share that with anyone who didn't get to see it, so we put it on DVD.

J-14: Which song was the most important for you to play at that show?
I really enjoyed playing "Jasey Rae." It's one of our older songs but it translates to acoustic well. I think people really appreciate the lyrics and the sentiment of that song, so I'm glad that we got to squeeze it in there.

J-14: How did One Tree Hill's Kate Voegele get involved with singing on "Remembering Sunday?"
It was a very last minute thing. I wanted to do "Remembering Sunday," and I said is there anyone that we can get to come in and do that part, and she was the first person who came to mind. We spoke on the phone a couple times and planned it out and sure enough, she showed up and she's great. She's an awesome girl — a really great singer and a great artist. It was fun to do that collaboration.

J-14: What's the inspiration behind your song "Painting Flowers" off the upcoming Alice in Wonderland soundtrack?
It's about realizing who you are, questioning your beliefs, and truly finding and accepting what you believe, not for any other reason but because you want to believe. It's an awesome song, and I'm really glad we had the opportunity to contribute to the album. I'm a big fan of Tim Burton so I think he's probably done an amazing job with the movie, and Johnny Depp looks hilarious in it.

J-14: Which band has been your favorite to tour with?
I would have to say Fall Out Boy. They're a band we came up listening to. It was not only a dream come true to finally tour with those guys, but they're all great dudes and we befriended them pretty quickly. Every night was a party on that tour. Everybody got along and hung out all the time. Our bus sort of turned into the common area for hanging out after shows. Pete Wentz always tells us we're like the adopted brothers into the Decaydance family. We're not actually part of the family, but we roll with all those people. I have nothing but love and respect for all those bands.

J-14: Are the rumors true about All Time Low working on a song with Demi?
As of right now, no. We've never done anything as far as music goes. Her and I are becoming good friends – we're hanging out. She's awesome.

Photo: Courtesy of MTV

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