By Ashley Spencer

J-14 caught up with Life Unexpected's Britt Robertson to talk about her new Disney Channel Original Movie Avalon High, working with Gregg Sulkin, and the crazy pranks they played on set. Avalon High premieres this Friday, November 12, at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel.

J-14: How would you describe your character. Allie, in Avalon High?
Britt Robertson:
My character Allie is a young sixteen-year-old girl who has traveled most of her life with her parents who are professors of Arthurian legend and they finally settle in this one town where she can become a normal kid. She has an affinity for track and field, so she tries out for the track team and becomes friends with a guy named Miles who she ends up doing a report with, and she also sort of develops a crush for Wagner, who is Gregg Sulkin's character.

J-14: What was it like working with Gregg Sulkin?
I love Gregg! He is such a good guy and we had such a great time. He has amazing family support, and I got to be quite close with them through the process, which is nice. We just had such a blast together.

J-14: Did you guys ever play any pranks on set?
Well, I don't know if Gregg told you about this, but he developed quite the interest in magic tricks while we were there. One of our guys on set is a professional magician and he turned Gregg onto the idea. So Gregg and his uncle and his dad went to this magic shop across the street from our hotel one day and picked up all these magic tricks and jokes and pranks and stuff and so every time we would go out to dinner, he would cause a huge scene. Gregg would play pranks on our waitresses, he would play pranks on us, on our hair and make up people, everyone!

J-14: Yikes! What were some of his craziest pranks?
Well there was this one that I hated. He would always be like, "Will you just sign a little autograph?" I would be like "okay," and then the pen would explode as soon as you would touch it to paper. Or there was this one prank where we would be at a nice restaurant and I'd go to the bathroom and he would put this thing under my chair while I was gone, so as soon as I would sit down and move my chair in, it would catapult this huge noise across the entire restaurant. It literally scared people! But then they would just laugh and crack up. I tried so many times to get back at him, but I failed all the time!

J-14: What's one thing you think people would be surprised to find out about you?
Probably that I despise shopping. A lot of people are like, "Oh, you're an actor, you get to go to all the cool stores and shop." But I hate shopping. I do it once a year and I find all my clothes for the year, and I try not to go back if I don't have to. There is something about being claustrophobic in a store, and then people are pushing all these clothes on you. It's just like really overwhelming!

Photo: Courtesy of Bob D'Amico/Disney Channel

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