The first movie of the Cirque du Freak series, The Vampire's Assistant, hit theaters today and J-14 exclusively sat down with star Jessica Carlson to dish on everything from vampires to her cute costar Josh Hutcherson. To read Josh's Q&A about the flick, click here.

J-14: Tell us a little about the movie The Vampire's Assistant!

Jessica Carlson: It's an action adventure movie about this boy who lives this kind of boring life and he and his friend go and see the circus of freaks, Cirque De Freak. He meets a lot of characters, at the circus of freaks and I don't want to give it away. But there're vampires in it. It's going to be really cool.

J-14: Can you tell me about your character Rebecca, the monkey girl?

Jessica: For so long I wasn't allowed to say that I was a monkey girl! My character isn't really part of the freak show. She kind of works behind the scenes for the Circus of Freaks. She's just this really cool, innocent girl and she really helps Darren become a part of the Circus of Freaks. It's really cool how she's just a strong girl and doesn't really need saving. She's also friends with Snake Boy and Darren. Darren's played by Chris Massoglia and he's really cool.

J-14: Is balancing school and work difficult?

Jessica: It's kind of like a double life thing in Hannah Montana! It's funny cause I'll be filming and then have to go take my chemistry test. It's fun though, I'm glad I'm able to do the teen thing in high school and act. And I just love it, I love acting so, it's worked out.

J-14: When did you decide you wanted to go in to acting?

Jessica: I saw Peter Pan on Broadway — I was probably in first grade or something and I was so amazed by it. I started taking local acting classes, acting in school plays, independent films, commercials, theater, Law & Order, and now, The Vampire's Assistant.

J-14: Our readers are huge fans of Twilight. Are you a fan?

Jessica: I read the books first and I'm so scared to read the last book Breaking Dawn because I just really want Edward and Bella to stay together. I think I'm Team Jacob, he's really hot. I'm excited for the New Moon to come out because Paul Weitz directed The Vampire's Assistant and his brother directed New Moon.

J-14: Why do you think vampires are such a trend now?

Jessica: I think people are really in to the anti-hero and it's a change. It's cool that everyone can kind of be heroes. Like vampires are fighting their want for blood but they still want to do good and stuff so, I wouldn't mind having a vampire lover and being a vampire. That'd be cool.

J-14: If you found out your crush were a vampire, how would you react?

Jessica: Oh my gosh, that would be so cool. Maybe I'd like to become a vampire, I think that'd be pretty cool. I'd be kind of freaked out though. I don't even know. I'd be shocked. I can't even imagine what I'd do. In Cirque du Freak, I'm kind of the love interest of a vampire, but it's different because my character Rebecca is surrounded by freaks all the time so she doesn't discriminate.

Photo: Courtesy of Francis Hills

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