Ever wonder what it could be like to go from a regular college student to a superstar overnight? Well, that's exactly what happened to Paige Townsen in Freeform's hottest new show, Famous In Love. If you've seen it, you know it's filled with drama, hook ups and plenty of behind-the-scenes backstabbing. If you haven't watched it, it's time to start bingeing.

Not only has the series become our guilty pleasure but we couldn't help but wonder if the Hollywood hook-ups on screen translate into real life, what it was like working with Bella Thorne and if fans can expect a season 2. So, we caught up with two stars of the show – Carter Jenkins and Keith Powers – and finally, we've got some answers!

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As for co-stars hooking up and falling in love, Carter says it DOES happen. "It’s 100% true…as far as the love goes, I mean think about it, it’s like, you have people around the same age who have the same interests and they’re cast to look good next to each other. And then you have to stare into each other’s eyes for months and act like you’re in love with someone.

And the truth is, if you, like most actors, like at least myself, you want to commit, you want to feel something real. Like yes, it’s acting but… you always find something in the person in front of you that you love. And I can fall in love with anybody. You find something about this person that you love and you really fall in love with them."

To be honest, we never thought about it like that and it seems totally plausible. How could you not feel something for someone who you're supposed to feel something for? It's humans being humans.

Carter and Keith have both denied that anyone in the Famous In Love cast got intimate. They learned from their characters that it's probably not the best thing to do! Keith admitted that he's never dated someone he works with unlike his character, Jordan Wilder.

Naturally, we wanted to know what other differences Keith and Jordan have. On screen, Jordan is kind of a bad boy but deep down has a really good heart. Keith said, "Jordan makes some mistakes that…he makes these mistakes that offset everything. So his mistakes are so much greater than the good that he does, you know…So I think that is the main difference between me and him. But other than that, as far as how he takes his craft seriously, I see myself 100%, I take my craft so seriously, my craft first. But other than that, I feel like yeah a lot of differences, in his choices, he doesn’t make very good choices."

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Looking at this another way, Carter told us what he learned about himself from playing his character, Rainor Devon. He said, "I grew in tandem with Rainer, because I, Rainer is someone who is trying to become a man, trying to become a better person, seeking independence. He’s trying to grow as a man and be less selfish and I feel like I grew a lot playing Rainer and now I look at every role like this is an opportunity, every script I read, every play, every audition, I look at it like it’s an opportunity to learn more about myself and to learn while investigating this character. Everybody’s trying to become a better person in some way. So what do I have to learn, what do I have to look at in myself, Carter, to play this role."

In terms of working, both Carter and Keith totally nailed their role. Acting alongside Bella had to have been super inspiring. In a previous interview, Keith told us that she is a total boss. She's always on her game and people really do look up to her.

Unfortunately, Bella sometimes gets negative attention and we wanted to know what she's actually like IRL. After all, she's only 19 years old and just like her character and the rest of the characters on Famous In Love, she's allowed to make mistakes too. Sometimes the world forgets that.

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"Bella has a big personality and she’s just unabashedly herself and because of that, she’s polarizing. People have strong opinions about her, one way or the other. Having gotten to know her, I just think she’s got a big heart and she, obviously, is really talented and a rockstar," Carter said. "She’s young and doing her best and deserves the right, as anyone does, to make mistakes and learn and grow."

YASS. So, will there be a season 2 of Famous In Love? The finale just aired on Tuesday night and Freeform has yet to announce if a second season has been picked up yet. However, according to these two, they could definitely see it happening!

Speaking of the fan reaction and a possible season 2, Keith said, "Oh man they love it. They really love it. They appreciate it. They want season 2! I mean that’s the main thing. They have the perfect show on television, it should be manageable. They’re [the fans] like 'more, more.'! Yeah, I definitely think there will be a season 2. I just feel like, I don’t know when they’re going to announce it. But we need the networks, the digital outlets. Timing is everything."

Keith hit it spot on. Timing really is everything.

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