Acacia Brinley, who is Peyton Clark's sister, is sparking major rumors that she's acting in the upcoming adaptation of John Green's book, Looking For Alaska. The star has been dropping hints about auditioning for a movie that sounds a lot like the popular YA novel — and fans aren't happy about it.

The controversy started when she tweeted that she got an audition for a movie based on one of her fave books.

While she wouldn't name the movie, she says that plans for the adaptation have already been announced.

Then she tweeted and deleted a photo of herself looking at a script — and you can even make out the start of the word "Alaska."

acacia brinley looking for alaska tweet

She also tweeted at John that she hoped they'd get to meet up soon.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but some fans are furious about the alleged casting decision. They've been tweeting mean comments and have even been sending death threats to the author!

In the midst of all the controversy, John says that the movie adaptation of Looking For Alaska hasn't been confirmed yet. So all this hubbub might be over nothing!

However, Acacia apologized to him for all the craziness, seemingly confirming the rumors that she's auditioning for the role.

Whether or not the Internet star is going to be in Looking For Alaska, we cannot believe that people are sending such hurtful tweets! Even if you don't think Acacia is good for the role, that's no reason to send out such hateful comments, especially when they're directed towards the author of the book.

Do you think Acacia would make a good Alaska? Has she been teasing this role? Tell us in the comments!

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