Debby Ryan was the latest victim of a death hoax on social media, but this time it was not a prank but rather a confusion among her young fans. Last night when the news broke that actress Debbie Reynolds had passed away at age 84, fans quickly confused her for the Jessie actress sending out messages on Twitter saying that the Disney Channel star had died instead. So awful!

Debby, who is just 23 years old, quickly took to Twitter to dispel any rumors thanking fans for their love but letting them know they had the wrong person in their prayers.

"No… guys, that's very thoughtful but it's Reynolds. Debbie Reynolds…," the Disney Channel actress wrote.

Reynolds, a singer and actress who starred in the popular movie Halloweentown died just one day after her daughter and Star Wars star Carrie Fisher passed away from heart failure. Many are saying that she died of a broken heart since the two were super close and shared a tight bond with one another. Debbie passed away while making funeral arrangements for her daughter, with her son Todd Fisher making a statement that said: ""My mom is with my sister. She wanted to be with her. She always took care of her," he added. That's all I can say right now."

Fans remembered Debbie from her role as Aggie, the grandmother in the Halloween classic, and the name "Aggie" started trending on Twitter rapidly. The entire situation is bad and the death of the actress is heartbreaking especially since the family has now lost two of their most beloved people. We send them all of our prayers and love, and also all the light to the Suite Life actress for having to deal with such morbid messages. We are glad that she is well and hope she is around for many decades to come.

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