Admit it, no matter how old you get you can’t shake off your obsession with Disney princesses. The thing is, when you grow up you realize the Disney royal family includes a bunch of IRL princesses, too, ones that are also prone to singing and indulging in some hardcore teenage rebellion (we’re talking about your favorite Disney Channel stars, of course).

Have you ever been curious what princesses your faves like Sabrina Carpenter, Dove Cameron, and Zendaya admire? You’re in luck, because we have the answer!

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As it would turn out they tend to do the same thing we do: pick out the one they most closely resemble and cling to her for life. Or maybe that’s not always the case, some people are just really into mermaids. Generally speaking, selecting your favorite Disney princess is a very subjective, personal thing, so debating who’s the best feels inappropriate (jk, the correct answer is Belle).

ANYWAY. From Bella Thorne to Demi Lovato, Princess Ariel to Cinderella, we found out your fave Disney Channel queen’s favorite princesses.

Check out the pics below to see if you’ll be watching Frozen with your fave anytime soon!

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