In their first ever magazine cover interview without Camila Cabello, Fifth Harmony proves that they might be better off as a foursome.

The girls sat down with Galore magazine and seemed like nothing could tear them down. Ally Brooke admitted that the four girls are totally in sync with each other right now. She said, "It’s really great because the four of us are really in sync with each other. We’re pretty open about most things. We try to respect each other as much as we can. For us, communication is really important."

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Now that the girls are on the same page, they are opening up more than they ever have before – especially when it comes to guys and dating.

As a celebrity, it makes dating really hard. Just talk to Bella Thorne. But, just because you're a celebrity, doesn't mean you aren't approachable. And sometimes that is just the issue. This star status makes regular people act in ways that they might not otherwise. When asked if guys are scared to come up to them or talk to them because of who they are, the 5H girls all had an answer for it.

Lauren Jauregui, who just recently came out as bisexual said, "They’re either super not the right guy, or dope as f-ck. There’s no in between.They’re either trying to get something out of you, or they think you’re super dope."

Dinah Jane Hansen chimed in and said, "There was this one guy who thought I was very intimidating because of who we are. My thing is when I come across somebody, when I think they’re super cute or handsome, I can’t play along with that because sometimes they take it as something like, 'She wants me.' And it’s happened to me many times. When you’re trying to be kind to somebody and they take it as 'dang, Dinah Jane likes me.' And I’m like 'No, I just want to be your friend… like, why do you have to take it like that?'"

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This is not only eye-opening about what it's like to date as a star but also quite upsetting. These girls always have to watch their backs and make sure that the guys they are talking to are in it with the wrong intentions. Of course, regular teen girls must be on the look out for the same thing. Some guys are in it for all the wrong reasons, it may just be on an entirely different level when you're Fifth Harmony.

Normani Kordei said, "For me, it’s kind of the opposite, cause I feel like in a way I can be so intimidating with me not even knowing it, and then the guy doesn’t call you and you’re like, 'I’m cute! Come to me. Come here.' And then it’s like, 'is there something wrong with me?'"

Aww! Seriously, it's crazy to think about that even though they are international stars, they still have insecurities like we all do! It's pretty cool to hear, to be honest.

Dinah Jane finished off with the most amazing quote ever. Boys, if you're reading, you better listen up! She said, "It’s hard. So all we want is a confident dude to come straight up…maybe. Just walk up and say, 'Hey, what’s up?' And start from there."

There you have it. Fifth Harmony might seem larger than life but when it comes down to it, they are just real girls and they want to be treated like real girls.

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