As the girls of Fifth Harmony are preparing to drop their self-titled third album, there seems to be one thing everyone really wants to know about: how they dealt with former member Camila Cabello ditching the band and all the drama that happened afterward. You know, their back and forth of what actually went down, since 5H released a statement saying she chose to leave and not even directly tell Ally Brooke Hernandez, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui she was moving on, when Camila claims she and the girls had several conversations about her decision, and then there was the whole unfollowing of each other on social media. So yes, a lot of drama.

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When it came time for The Sun‘s Dan Wootton to speak with the remaining ladies of the group for his Bizarre Life podcast, he said they agreed “to open up for the first time about the ­circumstances behind [Camila’s] departure,” but they were 90 minutes late and when he got the girls on the phone well, it got weird really fast. They basically refused to answer any of his questions, which Dan says he was cleared to ask them. AWKWARD. Let’s break it down a bit: Dan started out by asking what it was like going through the transition of a five-piece band to four and how they agreed they should keep going forward.

“Honestly, I remember in my heart we were actually really nervous. We were scared and it was definitely a hard time, especially at the top of this year. But our fans were so loyal, dedicated and there for us and that time which felt like just hell honestly, we have each other and we just knew that wasn’t it for us. And I feel like we’re at our peak right now. We have so many great things to be blessed for,” Normani said.

All good things, all good things and it seemed like they were about to open up one and for all in details about the big shift in the group. Then Dan brought up how groups are like a family and when someone leaves, it’s always difficult for everyone and he wanted to get their take on the public back and forth that went on after 5H and Camila sent out their message addressing it all on Twitter and Instagram. The girls didn’t really say much of anything in regards to this question though.

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“Yeah, well right now we’re really focused on each other. We’re so excited in the now and we have so much more to look ­forward to, so that’s kind of where we are at right now,” Ally Brooke said. OK fair enough, it was obvious they were getting a bit annoyed and even uncomfortable since they didn’t really want to go into details. Dan then asked about the unfollowing of each other on social media and if thought they could become friends with Camila again, and things got even weirder.

“Can we not talk about that? Like, what is this? We want to talk about our new music, we don’t want to be shady man,” Lauren responded with Normani chiming in, “We just have better things to talk about.” YIKES. Take a listen to an excerpt from the exchange yourself:

They simply wanted to focus on the new music and not get into any of the drama that has gone down with their former bandmate. While that is totally fine and makes sense since they’re all about moving forward, it’s rather interesting if Dan got clearance to ask them all about Camila’s exit prior to the sit-down chat. Perhaps there was some sort of miscommunication along the way, but it’s clear the girls of 5H don’t want to talk about it. At all. Dan then asked them to spill all about their new album, which they were happy with.

“Thanks for working with us on the fact that we wanted to move forward, we appreciate that,” Lauren said. Lesson learned here: let’s stop asking Fifth Harmony about Camila since they really don’t want to address it. Time to move on.

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