In case you were worried that Fifth Harmony's awesome and empowering new song "BO$$" would have a weak-sauce music video, you can breathe easy! Their new vid, which was just released today, is equally as fierce.

The video shows the Fifth Harmony girls strutting their stuff and holding their own while arm-wrestling against some cocky dudes. After watching it, you'll feel totally inspired — like you just want to dance!

"["BO$$"] is about being independent and not needing a guy. [The video's] about a pretentious guy that is basically saying, ‘You need me. I can do this, this, and this for you.’ And the girl’s kind of like, ‘I can do everything I do by myself and I work hard and I make my own,'" Camila EXCLUSIVELY told J-14.

The band also just announced that they're doing something even cooler to help people feel more confident. They've teamed up with DoSomething for #IAmABoss, a campaign to help encourage people to boost their friends' self-esteem.

As if it wasn't cool enough that Fifth Harmony made an awesome girl-power song, we love that they're trying to make a real difference with people's self-esteem. How sweet!

What do you think about Fifth Harmony's new music video and campaign? Tell us in the comments!

Reporting Credit: Morgan McMurrin

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